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Northwestern vs. Stanford basketball game thread

We hate Stanford, because they're better at us at several of the things we wish we were better at. Can't we be better at them at basketball for a night?

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

LATE NIGHT CREW! Northwestern's playing Stanford, and it's on the teevee!

Yes, Chris Collins and the Wildcats are in Palo Alto -- Spanish for "high sticking" -- and it's the biggest game of our young head coach's career. Err -- or something like that.

Aaaaaanyway, with only a game against EIU under the team's belt, we can probably learn quite a bit about how good Northwestern is at basketball from this one. I don't really expect a win, but it would be nice to see a strong effort from the Wildcats -- and hey, a win isn't completely out of the question. So let's see how good these Wildcats are -- and let's see how good we are at shutting down unstoppable jack of all trades Eddie Morales.


Go Cats and stuff.