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Northwestern vs. Michigan football predictions thread


Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern plays Michigan tomorrow! It basically goes one of two ways: either the Wildcats win and remain bowl-relevant, or they fall to 0-6 in conference. Guess which one we want to happen!

Luckily, Michigan has been pretty awful the past few weeks, and despite being 0-5, Northwestern is favored. Let's see what we think will happen!


I like the 'Cats to win this one in a shootout. 41-35. My picks to click: Tony Jones and Tyler Scott will have big days.


Had enough of this team, the war-glorifying shallowly "patriotic" uniforms are going to be the last straw.

Michigan 35, Northwestern 17


We've come too far to give up who we are. So let's raise the bar and our cups to the stars.Oh hell, let's just get lucky.

Northwestern 20, Michigan 18


Do you like hopeless offenses derping their way off the field? Because that's what you're going to get. Ibraheim Campbell runs the wrong way with a late interception, running out of the endzone to give Michigan the game-winning safety.

Michigan wins, 25-24


At this point, we deserve this.

Northwestern hasn't played bad defensive football the past few weeks. Not against Minnesota, not against Iowa, not against Nebraska. But the offense has been so inept -- even scorin' points for the other team from time to time -- the results haven't gone Northwestern's way.

Michigan has been as inept as Northwestern offensively, and NU returns some weapons. I'm going to pick Northwestern, but I think I've picked Northwestern in nine out of 10 games thus far, so don't listen to me at all.

Northwestern 28, Michigan 24