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Opponent Links: Week 12, Michigan

After back-to-back losses, Michigan comes to Evanston looking to revive its season. Here are some links examining the current state of Northwestern's upcoming opponent:

- In Michigan's past two games, the team has scored only one touchdown. And after the most recent loss to Nebraska, the Cornhusker's defensive coordinator implied that Michigan's offensive play calling had become predictable. Michigan's Brady Hoke, though, defended his play caller, remaining confident in his coaching staff.

- It's not only pundits and opposing coaches that blame Michigan's offensive coaching staff for the program's recent struggles. The Dearborn Press and Guide published a report detailing a jailed drunk driver who blamed Michigan Offensive Coordinator Al Borges as the reason for his intoxicated state.

- The Michigan football program is widely-known as one of the most storied in the nation. Michigan starting quarterback Devin Gardner knows that the prestige brings high expectations. When those expectations aren't met, Gardner receives numerous "hateful messages" on social media outlets like Twitter, but doesn't let them get to him.

- Saying that Michigan's running game over the past two weeks is struggling would be an understatement. They've rushed for -69 yards. As the Wolverines continue to struggle, incumbent starter at running back Fitz Toussaint is seeing more and more of his carries go to freshman Derrick Green. Hoke maintains that Toussaint is still the starter, but also said that Green will continue to get touches against Northwestern.