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Pat Fitzgerald B1G Teleconference Notes: Nov. 19

Notes from Pat Fitzgerald's weekly Big Ten teeconference.

- On difference between MSU now and the shootout in 2007: "They're a very experienced group in the defense... and they've executed at a very high level." On a side note, the "execution" that coaches always talk about wanting? That's Michigan State's defense every week.

- On how Fitz compares to Max Bullough: "I would never insult any of these young men that are playing right now and compare them to me."

- Fitz said his expectations coming into the year were to develop the young players. He called his players "fighters." The caller compared NU this year to MSU last year (injuries, close losses, etc.), which is actually a really good comparison.

- Most difficult aspect of this season? Injuries, Fitz said.

- On MSU RB Jeremy Langford: Fitz said there's a universal level of toughness on MSU that's evident in Langford.

- On MSU's trick plays: "You've gotta have great awareness when you have empirical data on some of these teams."