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Northwestern 72, Gardner-Webb 59

Northwestern pulls away in the second half to beat Gardner-Webb, still doesn't look like a very good team.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern played really bad in the first half. Drew Crawford was in foul trouble and no one could make a jump shot. Then they started playing better in the second half, thanks to JerShon Cobb and Alex Olah. Olah actually had a career high tonight, although he certainly didn't do it against a Big Ten caliber front line. Crawford had another solid game with 15 points and 8 rebounds but he's yet to consistently dominate games the way NU will need him to if they want to do anything in conference play. Sanjay Lumpkin fouled out in 16 minutes and his fifth foul was apparently called a flagrant 2, meaning he will have to sit out NU's next game (the student broadcast was a bit unclear on all the details). Edit: Lumpkin will not be suspended, see the comments.

Next NU heads to Las Vegas to play Missouri and UCLA, and I've seen little in their first six games to indicate they can win either of those games. The bench is non-existent and only Cobb and Crawford can be counted on to provide any sort of offense. But hey, at least they won comfortably tonight.