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Pregame Warmup: Northwestern vs. Illinois

- Hello from Memorial Stadium, where "The Game" is on the scoreboard. The game on the field, coming up in 40 minutes or so, figures to be less interesting.

- Kain Colter is out today. He was doubtful heading in. It's a shame that's how his college career will end.

- The two other injuries to watch are Traveon Henry and Geoff Mogus. Henry is questionable, Mogus is probable. Getting Mogus back will be very helpful for NU's offensive line, facing the 119th-ranked run defense in the country.

- There's a steady wind blowing to the north. Northwestern's already struggling passing game might struggle even more for two quarters today.

- The good news for the Wildcats' struggling offense? Illinois is absolutely terrible at defense — 110th in the country, to be exact.

- It's gorgeous out besides the wind. It's sunny and in the upper 40s last I checked.

- The LOL trophy is on the line, so we have a GIF for all the LOLs: