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Northwestern vs. Eastern Illinois game thread

A real game!


Northwestern is playing an actual basketball game! It counts in the standings! If Northwestern wins it will say they're 1-0!

It would be nice if Northwestern wins, since they're playing a rather bad Eastern Illinois team. If they do, it makes Chris Collins 1-0, which is weird because it would mean there's a Northwestern coach with a career winning record. Considering NU has to head out to Stanford next week, it would be nice to get a win out of the way early on.

So, enjoy Chris Collins' college basketball coaching debut! Its on actual big boy BTN, instead of some weird internet stream or something you have to pay for. I'll be second screening it while watching LSU-Bama, but I will actually be second screening it. You can't say I'm not a devoted Northwestern fan and/or bad at my job. I am both.

Join along if you have nothing better to do on your Saturday night! They're giving out free Giordano's to students, so, um, wait, they should have done that when I was there.