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The Stefan Demos PAT interception/tackle has been brought to life

This season sucked, but this video is, and forever will be, our happy place.

Maybe you're a new Northwestern fan. Maybe you're not a Northwestern fan at all. Let me tell you about the greatest play in Northwestern history.

The year was 2009. Northwestern was playing against Miami (Ohio), a team that would eventually go 1-11. They were kind of struggling, but Mike Kafka's rushing touchdown made it 16-0 in the second half.

However, on the PAT:


b) the ball ended up in the hands of kicker Stefan Demos -- YES, THE VERY SAME WHO IS CURRENTLY THE KICKER FOR THE SAN ANTONIO TALONS who decided he could run the ball outside.

c) upon realizing that could not happen and that the worst thing that could happen if he threw the ball somewhere was the ball being returned near 100 yards, Demos flung the ball underhand as hard as he could. It made a nice rainbow arc. (Note: Demos finished his career 1-for-1 passing, thanks to a shovel pass on a botched snap on a punt that picked up a first down against Penn State. You my boy, Mark Woodsum.)

d) The pass was easily intercepted by defensive lineman Anthony Shoemaker, who decided he'd make a run for glory.

e) with blockers in his way, only one man was left to stop Shoemaker: DEMOS, BACK IN FROM THE SIDELINES. He proceeded to ride Shoemaker like a monkey until he fell over.

f) The video sits completely unwatched for four years, before the spectacular @NUHighlights finds it and uploads it to the internet, with a soundtrack of RUFF RYDERS ANTHEM by my favorite rap-yeller, DMX.

Thank you, Mr. Highlights. Thank you so, very, very much.