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Northwestern vs. Mississippi Valley State in basketball, again


David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps you remember the Mississippi Valley State University Delta Devils from two years ago, when you jerks voted that I should go to an awful basketball game against Mississippi Valley State instead of going to McGee's with my friends, one of which was particularly angry at me. (We went to McGee's plenty of times, never you worry. I want to go to McGee's on Friday. I don't live in Chicago anymore, though.) Perhaps you remember them from the time they lost every non-con basketball game that year and still made it to the NCAA Tournament. Perhaps you remember them from last year, when NU played them again and we had to write this same post.

Anyway, for whatever reason, NU keeps ending up playing Jerry Rice's alma mater, and they keep being awful, because #SWAC. They're ranked #339 out of 351 on Kenpom, also known as about 150 spots worse than the Illinois State team it was embarrassing to lose to. They are bad. They have won three games -- one against Longwood LOL Longwood, one against "Tougaloo," and one against Champion Baptist, who are notably not champions. Their coach is still named Chico Potts, which is awesome. They have a player named Thaddeus Fauntleroy, which is spectacular.

This isn't good:

But it reportedly won't be a lingering issue. The Wildcats will be without JerShon tonight but should win anyway, and we'll get to see a fun starting lineup. It will already probably feature James Montgomery III, and now will also feature... well, who knows? And who cares, since the Wildcats will win anyway. I proclaimed this the GAME OF THE NIGHT mainly to be a jerk and also because there are no other games.