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Northwestern vs. Brown basketball game thread


David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern! Brown! Insert (JOKE ABOUT ELITE HIGHER EDUCATION SCHOOLS) here! Boy, I wouldn't have wanted to go to Brown because they're ranked slightly lower (I think, right?) than Northwestern!

The Wildcats are also ranked slightly higher in basketball! It's Kenpom 116 vs. Kenpom 157, and it's a home game for NU, but the Bears ain't turrible. I mean, they haven't beaten any teams better than Kenpom 200, but they are higher than Illinois State!

NU won by 21 last year in one of their first AHHHH DREW CRAWFORD IS OUT games and Reggie Hearn was also out, so that's encouraging. Sean McGonagill was the Bears' only offense, putting up 20, and considering he's averaging 18.9, he's liable to do that again. Kid's a gunner -- 42 percent from deep -- but he remains pretty much their only offense.

So that's that! BTDN if you got it, here if you don't. I got two fantasy football championships to worry about.