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This Week in Northwestern Tweets: Featuring Kale Abrahamson and Rabid the Squirrel

by Kevin Trahan (@k_trahan)

This week hasn't been too kind to Northwestern basketball, but there was still some great stuff from the Twitterverse. And it's Friday, so that means it's time to check out the best of NU tweets this week.

First off, a short, nondescript message from Dave Sobolewski after the Nebraska loss.

Now on to the more entertaining stuff...

We'll start with NU freshman forward Kale Abrahamson. I'd recommend you give him a follow, and not just because he's from the greatest place on Earth. He's a pretty funny guy on Twitter, and on last weekend's trip to Nebraska he had some fun with's Chris Emma, who was dissing Kale's home state.

Then there's this.

And this.

And this.

So follow Kale Abrahamson (@kaleabe13). HE'S NO DE'ANTHONY THOMAS, but he's a pretty good follow as far as Northwestern sports go.

Speaking of Abrahamson, it appears he got treated to some good music Thursday night in the form of assistant coach Tavaras Hardy playing the tuba. And it appears next year's homecoming game just got a lot more often. In the words of Bart Scott: Can't wait!

Meanwhile, Teddy Greenstein had some snark for Welsh-Ryan.

This next one has a back story, but if you know the back story, it's pretty funny. Last year, Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports blasted Northwestern fans for not showing up to the Big Ten Tournament loss to Minnesota. However, due to a Wildside promotion, NU actually had one of the biggest student turnouts in Indianapolis.

Forde's article can be summed up in the last sentence: "But it’s hard to feel sorry for a program that continually underachieves and a fan base that only gives lip service to caring about it."

Obviously, this didn't go over well with Northwestern fans, especially the large student contingent that made the trip to Banker's Life Fieldhouse. So when Forde's alma mater, Missouri, was losing to LSU on Wednesday night, NU alum Aaron Morse decided to give Forde a hard time.


Lastly, we'll venture into the territory of "that team downstate," or whatever Pat Fitzgerald has decided to call Illinois. Surely you've heard of the NU SBNation blog Sippin' on Purple, which does tremendous work, but the newly launched Illinois SBNation blog The Champaign Room does a great job, as well.

Illinois is changing its symbol because some people are offended by the Chief Illiniwek symbol, so the school allowed students to submit ideas. Seriously. As you can guess, that didn't go all that well, and The Champaign Room ran through the funniest choices (you really must read that link).

Eventually, the university narrowed the choices down to five for students to vote on, and while "Rabid the Squirrel" unfortunately didn't make the cut, the finalists are still pretty hilarious. I really, really hope "Chef Illini" becomes the figurehead for a major college athletics program.

Anyways, The Champaign Room hoped the Illini would be inspired by Rabid the Squirrel, who was snubbed from the competition, and win Thursday night's big game against Michigan State.

Unfortunately for Rabid and the writers at The Champaign Room, this is the state of Illinois basketball: