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Wednesday sips, featuring Big Ten Divisions, NU's leaders, and FCS games

Some stuff on potential scheduling, Big Ten divisions, and rule changes, and more!

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Forget about basketball for a few sweet minutes: here's some links!

West side!: As the Penn State bros noted, Northwestern has "West" in its name. That will get validated by apparent East-West divisions in the Big Ten, which would put NU with its central time brethren.

I thought we were LEGENDS: Northwestern released its 14-man leadership council yesterday:

If you're wondering what the leadership council does, the answer is... stuff. They meet with Coach Fitz and talk about stuff. Good for those guys. Nice to see both NU quarterbacks on there, and maybe expect big things from Jaylen Prater, since this does indicate who the players on the team think of as a leader.

We'll always have Eastern Illinois...: The news of the day or so is how Big Ten coaches no longer want to schedule FCS games. I'll waver on that one: yeah, the games against those teams water everything down and aren't competitive, but I'm not 100 percent against them. First off, those FCS schools need that paper. Second off, they do provide a good opportunity to get your backups some playing time, if you play right. Thirdly, nothing will ever come close to the fun of FBS teams losing to FCS teams that not just figuratively, but literally have recruiting disadvantages. "Appalachian State" will always conjure up the same image, and for Cats fans, "New Hampshire" will too. Getting rid of those games eliminates the fact that you can mock the balls out of a school forever.

Aren't all Northwestern receivers defenseless?: There's a bunch of rule proposals up there for debate, the most intriguing of which is that defenders targeting defenseless receivers could get ejected. Thoughts, y'all? Not a real big issue for Northwestern, at least in the post-Brad Phillips era of Northwestern safeties.

Mark V: Rittenblog is still counting down Big Ten players, and Venric Mark comes in at No. 9, deservedly so. Kain Colter was No. 23, if you didn't see that.

Felt so good: The same site that talked to David Nwabuisi also talked to Brian Arnfelt! From the looks of their recent stories, they're making a sweep of every player that could even conceivably get drafted.

Wrassle hard: The Olympics might get rid of wrestling, which is bad news for the B1G, as BHGP wrote. Jake Herbert didn't take kindly to the news on Twitter.

RIP Based Cats: Corn Nation analyzed Big Ten baseball this year, and, uh....don't get your hopes up.