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Northwestern vs. Illinois game thread

Northwestern is going for the season sweep in basketball and football over in-state rivals Illinois. Come talk to us about it!


Northwestern! Illinois! It should be slightly more competitive than the exhibition game the NBA is playing, although there's certainly less star power.

The good news is that Alex Olah is available after his concussion - no word on how much he'll play or if he'll start, but with something like a concussion, once he's been given the clearance, he should be ready to play his full minutes. That's big. Like I said in the preview, Northwestern can't expect Michael Turner to play great every time and Nikola Cerina still may or may not be alive.

So that's the stuff on the game. Its for a season sweep of Illinois in both football and basketball, which isn't the type of thing you get to do every year, but would be awfully fun. Game's at 6:30 on the BTN - come talk to us about stuff here and stuff!

Go Cats and whatnot.