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Northwestern vs. Purdue basketball game thread!

It's eeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrly, but whatever, there's a basketball game and you need to go.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern! Purdue! Wake up, you fools, it's already game time!

I don't know which silly person decided Northwestern had to play a basketball game at 11 a.m. on a Saturday. However, they're no more wicked than the dude who decided Northwestern has to play football games, which require way more elaborate tailgating, at the same time, like, every Saturday, so I guess it's a wash.

Anyway, this game is kinda really important when you actually analyze how well Northwestern is doing this season and how many games they can conceivably win. You gotta hold home court against another team that's struggling slightly less than you are, and Purdue is one of those teams.

So yo: wake up! Seriously! And get over to Welsh-Ryan Arena so there's more than 14 students like there were when we beat Minnesota! Dammit, I hate you.

For those of us non-Evanstonians, game's on ESPN2, which is, well, weird.