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Northwestern vs. Purdue basketball game thread.

Two teams without NIT hopes fight for... well, I don't know. NU's going for the season sweep!

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern! Purdue! It's a game between two teams off the NIT bubble!

You might have noticed I didn't write a preview for this game. My bad on that. Here's what you need to know: Northwestern murked a wildly unexcited Purdue squad the last time these teams met in Evanston. Now, it's in West Lafayette, except both teams have gotten worse and Jared Swopshire isn't playing. There! Everything you need to know.

Anyway, Northwestern does have a chance at winning, which isn't something I get to say very often these days. Therefore, I'm super pumped and will be watching. I think part of this is because I didn't see any of the Oscar movies? Whatevs. I hope you're here with me as well to talk about Northwestern basketball, but if not Glopknar will probably be providing running top-to-bottom commentary on every minute facet of the game.

5 p.m., Big Ten Network. See ya.