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Monday sips, ft. B1G Chicago news and an hour of Quentin Williams pick-6.

The Big Ten might have finally realized Chicago >>>>>>> Indianapolis, and Quentin Williams still had a pick six.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

It's Monday! Rise and grind! At least rise OR grind. Let's hit some links, where we sure as hell ain't talkin basketball.

"Sprintin Quentin Queues Up interception" <----- still the best headline I ever wrote: Yup

How long did you make it? My tops is about a minute and 42 seconds.

DRUDGE SIREN *** BREAKING Chicago reportedly a better city than Indianapolis *** DRUDGE SIREN: I have never ever understood the Big Ten's love affair with putting their main events in Indianapolis. Sure, the NCAA is based there and its centrally located there's some people I guess... but, like Chicago. (None of this is related to the fact my one seven-hour stint in the city of Indianapolis was one of the least enjoyable brownouts I can remember.) So last week, double news was pleasing, and, uh, duh: first, the B1G is thinking about moving the championship game to Chicago.WHY? Why wouldn't they want more soulless, semi-crowded games at Lucas Oil Stadium? AND IT COULD BE COLD. For shame. And the Big Ten Tournament - in Chicago for the first time in a long time - sold out, for the first time in a long time. NO WAY. You mean more people want to go to that in Chicago than in Indianapolis? My mind is boggling. Bollocks to the Big Ten for holding the tournament in Indianapolis for five years, starting the year before I went to college. I probs woulda gone every year if it had been at the United Center.

Not so special: Northwestern had the best special teams in the conference this year, per Rittenblog. That's... that's just weird. But very true. Props to Venric Mark, obviously, Brandon Williams, and of course, Jeff Budzien - the #Budzien4Groza campaign starts now.

Lax on lax on lax: NBN's lacrosse season preview is great, Ignore the fact the team just lost to UNC. They always lose to somebody early in the year.

A billi a billi a billi a billi: Stanford raised a billion - with a b - dollars last year. Maybe we should get better at football :(

No hotel: NU softball Kristin Scharkey went to Rwanda to help people and told her story in a cool video on the NCAA's website. Rwanda - a real place that needs help, not just a place starring Don Cheadle!