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Wednesday Sips, ft. spring ball updates, Culver's, and Kain Colter to Venric Mark

Spring football is in the air! So is Al Netter driving drunk, Evanston getting a Culver's, and much more.


Hit it, try not quitting it this time?

Emmasculation: Sad internet news, as Chris Emma, NU's reporter from Scout, moves on to a better, derpier place:

Many a man has been lost to the allure of West Lafayette. Emma will certainly be missed on the NU beat. Even today, he was out there tweeting important news from spring ball:

Note: this is already reflected on the Northwestern depth chart page I put up!


Wow! How inspirational! We should all get together in the comments about how cool that is!

From the Department of "Oh, NOW this happens": Two items here. First, this news that the Wildside is making big ol' blowup heads of big fans... a year after I graduate. You jerks. You insolent jerks. Congrats to everybody loyal enough to earn one of these, and the rest of you, figure out how to get a friggin giant picture of my head pasted out and I'll look kindly upon you in the future, when I will be a person of great power.

Oh, and this:

Indeed, Evanston is looking into getting a Culvers, meaning Butterburgers and cheese curds will be like 30 minutes closer to you lucky enough still to be in E-Town. First Cheesies, now this? Ahh, well, at least I went to Hundo when I was a freshman.

At least it was a Super Bowl DUI: Al Netter got busted for driving drunk, making him the second NU fringe NFL player - I see you, John Gill - to do something really stupid after drinking. Which makes Northwestern's continued ability to never have football players get into trouble while in school even more impressive, since they're clearly, like, people who like doing stuff.

And a reminder to those of you still at Northwestern: don't get in your friend's car if they're drunk, no matter how badly you want Steak n Shake. That's stupid.

Nappy roots: On the exact other side of the "things Northwestern players do after graduating", a story on Napoleon Harris, budding state senator!

Next on the chopping block: Cal - Northwestern's first opponent - has already started spring ball and they're going fast under Sonny Dykes.

Ahhhh, how sweet it is: Kain Colter passing to Venric Mark. Pretty.