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Northwestern vs. Ohio State basketball "game" thread

Northwestern already gave Ohio State everything they could handle once. Can they do it again? (No. No they can't.)


Northwestern! Ohio State! A battle that... well, uh, yeah.

There's three games left in this season, and this is one of them against a way, way, way too good opponent. Northwestern already played Ohio State once - on the road! - and it went well, giving us hope for life without Jared Swopshire, but then they lost three games by a combined 80 points, and that means this might not go so well tonight. If we're lucky Ohio State will break Northwestern's heart in the final seconds like always.

Also, I napped way longer than I expected this afternoon and now I'm probably at the gym, so I might not see the first bit of this game. Welp. I'll probably be gamethreadding by you guys with halftime, but if not, don't get too mad at me. I've seen my fair share of games after everything went kerblooie.

Game's on ESPN2, so, Go Cats, I guess.