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Northwestern football recruiting: National Signing Day! A guide to... well, nothing happening.

National Signing Day is one of the biggest moments on the college football calendar. It doesn't really matter for Northwestern, though.


It's National Signing Day!

Alright, quickly:

What does this mean for Northwestern?

Generally, nothing. I wrote the other day about Northwestern's class and whether it's good or bad, and NU hasn't added any players and no offers are outstanding.

What about all that faxing stuff?

19 kids are going to send faxes or emails with their letters of intent to Northwestern, as expected. If anything that isn't expected happens, we'll be on it. If not, well, you get more excited about paperwork than I do. That said, go over to the Northwestern athletics site and follow @WildcatReport or @CEmmaFox on Twitter, if you don't already. They're both killing it, and writing recruiting at SB Nation makes me respect the work they do more.

Wait, no offers are outstanding? What about that wide receiver?

James Clark? Yeah, that was nice, but not a thing anymore. He'll likely be committing to Ohio State at 9 a.m. - or maybe Clemson or Florida, but certainly not NU.

Anything else?

Not really. Talk about Northwestern signing day if you want y'all!