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Northwestern vs. Iowa basketball game thread

Come talk to us about basketball and hundo!

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern! Iowa! Basketball!

It's time for a pretty modestly important game, so far as Northwestern basketball games go. It won't be easy - remember, the Hawkeye folks won by 20 the last time they played Northwestern, and that was at Welsh-Ryan - but there's not a whole bunch of winnable games in Big Ten play, and this almost qualifies as one. Northwestern's getting to the point in the season where they barely have any margin of error if they even want to make the NIT, so yeah, they should try and win this basketball game!

It's on the Big Ten Network and you're probably not there since it's a few hundred miles that-away, so comment along! We'll talk about basketball and beer and how Aaron White and Mike Gesell don't have souls.

Oh, and last night I had a conversation about Hundo, so we can talk about that too. Win for Hundo, you guys.