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Alex Olah, Jared Swopshire injured, Northwestern loses to Iowa

With their starting power forward and center hurt, Northwestern lost 71-57 on the road to Iowa. Surprised?

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern played decently, but shots didn't fall and Alex Olah and Jared Swopshire went down with injuries. They weren't going to beat Iowa on a day all that happened, and sure enough, they were on the wrong side

NU fought hard at first: Olah and Swop were big on the boards and NU took a four-point deficit into the break and were down by as little as two after some some defensive stops out of the 1-3-1 and threes from Alex Marcotullio and Kale Abrahamson. But this already weakened team was even more weakened without its two biggest players. You do that and shoot below 30 percent from three? Not gonna happen. Game was even closer than it should've been thanks to a bunch of missed laups by the Hawkeyes.

Your thoughts immediately go to the longterm with the injuries to Swopshire and Olah. Olah shouldn't be that bad: he took a real thwap to the head on an elbow from Adam Woodbury, and it could be a concussion which could keep him out for a while. But Swopshire was a knee, and that's dangerous in any sport. Hopefully he doesn't miss much time - this is his only season in a Northwestern uniform, and you'd hate to see him miss a chunk of time in it. Seriously: this team is cursed.

Oh, and Bill Carmody played Michael Turner for nearly the entire second half with Olah out, waiting until there were about eight minutes left to bring in Nikola Cerina, who seemed miles better.

Hey, the women's lax game is on!