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Tuesday Sips, ft. Bill Carmody stuff roundup, plus... other stuff, I guess?

Bill Carmody: still fired. That and more!

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys. The Bill Carmody thing has been exhausting, but exciting. I realize that I haven't done a roundup of stuff since the actual firing happened - I'm posting any and all actual news related to the most important decision Northwestern sports has had to make since I became a fan as soon as we get it, so some of the detritus has slipped through. So here goes:

Bill Carmody reactions and stuff

- Neil Hayes rounded up reactions of coaches in the Big Ten, and, of course, they're unrelentingly positive - almost disturbed that Carmody would be fired. Not surprising, we all know he's a hell of a coach, but that doesn't necessarily mean he was supposed to retain his job. Tom Izzo called Carmody and said that the news "sickens me", so, uh, yeah. Coaches never speak ill of other coaches, especially ones who they beat 1-2 times a year.

- NU media/alumni/Twitter react, rounded up by the Daily. Interesting, if a bit repetitive.

- A Princeton blogger and former SID writes about his time with Carmody, and it's a really fascinating read. I second what he said: great guy to be around, hilarious quotes, etc.

- Fire Bill Carmody, who had been waiting to do this post for about seven years.

- From the Daily,

Other stuff

- Jim Phillips is up for an AD of the Year award, which, well, seems awful relevant. Maybe they should think about delaying the award for a few months? Don't want to jump the gun on this. (Although all things non-Carmody, Phillips has done a great job - the jury's still out on the upcoming process here.)

- Big Ten divisions! It's not that surprising, and Purdue and Indiana are still up for grabs, but, yeah, it looks like we're going East-West.

- In weirder news, Jim Delany had this declaration saying that if the NCAA endorses pay-for-play, which almost every rational person thinks is a good idea, the Big Ten would consider becoming a Division III league. That's a pretty despicable stance, and boldfaced lying on his part, since he's long been a money-grubber. But hey, I guess it would benefit Northwestern, right, That One Daily Columnist Every Year Who Says Northwestern Should Leave The Big Ten?

- I've written a whole bunch of stuff too. I added most of it to the layout, though. OKAY?!?!?!?!?!?