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Northwestern basketball recruiting: Nate Taphorn still committed to Northwestern

Nate Taphorn, the less highly touted of two incoming recruits, won't reconsider his commitment after Bill Carmody's firing, unlike Jaren Sina.

Reese Strickland-US PRESSWIRE

While recruit Jaren Sina tries to sort out whether or not he wants to come to Northwestern after the school fired the coach that recruited him, reports indicate fellow recruit Nate Taphorn isn't undergoing the same crisis of faith: he'll play for the Wildcats, regardless of who coaches.

Regardless of your viewpoint on whether Northwestern should have fired Bill Carmody, you've got to admit the post-coach-firing news cycle isn't exactly the most fun, so it's good to see some concrete good news. It's not the most surprising thing - Taphorn wasn't rumored to be reconsidering at all - but it's still nice to see it written down definitely.

Taphorn isn't as highly touted a recruit as Sina. ESPN ranks Sina as a four-star point guard, no services rank Taphorn as a four-star, and while Sina had several offers from power conference schools, Taphorn's offers are Northwestern, Boston College, Colorado and a host of mid-majors - Creighton and Colorado State leading the pack, then some less prominent ones. But that's no reason to discount him as a player - remember, none of us have ever seen either player play - and NU has done well with other scrawny 6'7-ish power forwards from the middle of nowhere in Illinois, so Taphorn could do well for the Cats.

Less good, though: