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Indiana, Alabama, Seton Hall recruiting Jaren Sina, could Northwestern keep Fred Hill to get Sina?

Northwestern might be outgunned as they look to keep Jaren Sina: Indiana's interested in the four-star point guard, and Alabama and Seton Hall are still in the mix.. The Wildcats' next coach would be smart to keep New Jersey link Fred Hill on staff if they want to keep Sina.

Jason Miller

Northwestern's ability to retain Jaren Sina seems to be more and more tenuous every day. After the news that Northwestern would release him of his letter of interest, Scout reports that Indiana is looking into the four-star New Jersey point guard.

Ugh, wouldn't that just be the worst if Sina went to Indiana? I think a lot of people are overstating Jaren Sina's importance - although he's sure to be a good player, and it would be great to keep him, it's more important to get a coach who can consistently get great recruits in the future than it is to keep one potentially very talented guy none of us have ever seen play - it would be brutal to see Sina go to another Big Ten team. Especially if the hire doesn't work out, and we're sitting here in 2017 watching Jaren Sina and the Hoosiers come into Welsh-Ryan and put up like 18 and six. If he goes to a non-B1G school, that'll be easier to sleep on.

And there's a pretty good chance he does that, too:

So, yes, the school Sina initially committed to back in the day is still in the hunt.

And more:

So, yeah, they're involved too. Northwestern-Alabama-Seton Hall was his final three, so this is to be expected. They're close to home for him.

For what it's worth, it does seem like Northwestern will have a shot banking on their coaching hire. Here's a quote from Sina's father, THE MOST WELL-CONNECTED MAN IN NEW JERSEY BASKETBALL, from ESPN last week:

"Northwestern is still a real option," he said. "We just would like to see who they hire and would like them to speak with Jaren. It's important for the coach to know Jaren. I'm pretty sure whoever they hire has watched Jaren or knows about him. It's important they know Jaren and know how they want to use him.
"The last year or more Coach Hill and Coach Carmody heavily recruited him, and we both had relationships with them. That was one of the reasons we decided to go to Northwestern. We felt it was an opportunity for Jaren to help the program. There's still that opportunity. We just want to make sure what the new coach brings to the table."

Nick Medline in the Scout article points out that keeping Fred Hill would go a long way towards retaining Sina, and I think that's the case too. Hopefully, whoever Northwestern's next coach is decides to retain Hill on the staff, which wouldn't be a huge pain and could seal them a big recruit. With Chris Collins the most likely hire, it's worth noting Collins worked with Hill on Tommy Amaker's staff at Seton Hall.

I guess it's important we watch this video: