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Northwestern vs. Penn State game thread

It's Senior Night, and Reggie Hearn and Alex Marcotullio can win a basketball game, which isn't the most common thing to say about Northwestern hoops these days.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern! Penn State! Basketball?

We'll talk later about what Alex Marcotullio and Reggie Hearn have meant to this team over the past few seasons. That's something for another time. For now, let's just hope they play awesome in their final game.

But remember, it is a basketball game, and it would be equally parts cool if they win on Senior Night and equally parts depressing if they lose to what has been one of the worst teams in Big Ten play in the last, oh, ever. (Or at least since Northwestern in 2007-2008.)

So let's go Cats, and stuff. I know, it's hard to get excited about Northwestern in the wake of all my NEVER MADE THE TOURNEY posting, but I'd really appreciate it if NU went out with a win here, especially considering the unlikelihood of beating Michigan State on Sunday.

Game's on ESPNU. I probably won't be in on the thread - Miami, and whatnot - but enjoy.