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SportsNight and InsideNU: Talking Chris Collins

Last month, we announced that InsideNU will be partnering with the Northwestern News Network's Emmy-winning show, SportsNight, to bring you highlights and analysis from a different medium. Each week, we'll have an InsideNU writer on SportsNight to provide analysis of the week's biggest events. This week, we had Kevin Trahan on to talk about the Chris Collins hiring. Check it out below, along with highlights of other sports from the past month.* You can also watch the show and more from NNN on their website, and be sure to follow @nnnsports on Twitter.

*Typically the show will just cover the past week's events, but this episode also covers the Big Ten men's and women's basketball tournaments, because it was the first one filmed since NU students got back from break.

The Rundown

1:00: Highlights of the men's basketball team's loss to Iowa in the Big Ten Tournament, plus interviews with Tre Demps and Dave Sobolewski

3:30: Carmody firing and Collins hiring

4:45: Collins press conference clip

5:45: InsideNU's Kevin Trahan talks to NNN's Jon Rosenberg about the Collins hire, talking about general thoughts, the effect on recruiting in Chicago and what it will take for Collins to be successful this year.

10:22: Highlights of the women's basketball team's loss to Iowa in the Big Ten Tournament

12:25: Highlights of NU lacrosse's victory over Ohio State

13:40: Highlights of NU lacrosse's victory over Syracuse in a National Championship rematch

15:05: Scores of NU lacrosse's games against Penn State and Virginia

15:37: Highlights of men's golf at the US Collegiate

17:52: Highlights of NU softball's sweep of Illinois and win over Notre Dame

21:00: Highlights of NU baseball's 16-inning loss to Nebraska and scores of NU's wins over St. Francis and UIC, and its series win over Purdue in West Lafayette

23:53: Sit-down interview with NU softball outfielder Kristin Scharkey

28:46: Plays of the week