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Monday sips, featuring Reggie Hearn's windmill dunk, Jaren Sina, and spring football

A roundup of Northwestern stuff from the last while, including a great ad for something we don't care about and the end of football for a few months.

Rise and grind, you guys, How were your weekends? I got punched in the face :(

Let's do some links!

Reg-ASG: Northwestern basketball players making videos to endorse candidates in those annoying ASG elections literally not a single person ever has ever cared about except in that it ruins our Facebook feeds, sidewalks, and chapter meetings is apparently a time-honored tradition. This year, it was Reggie Hearn:

This is like the best and most well-done campaign video ever, even though I sorta am filled with crushing hate for the dudes who it sponsors. I've actually watched the Reggie fake dunk part like five or six times and it hasn't gotten old yet. Vote for... well, eh, I don't really care enough to even learn those guys names. I imagine y'all still in Evanston will probably read it in chalk a buncha times, tho.

Spring ballin: Spring football in Evanston is over, and unfortunately, I don't live in Evanston, so I didn't see any of it. Inside NU did, and wrote better stuff than any other non-pay site (I don't pay for the pay sites, so won't compare to those): here's their wrap-up of spring ball with risers and fallers, here's a story on the linebackers (I made some tweaks to our mock of the Northwestern football depth chart because of it). If you want more, here's Skip Myslenski stuff on Saturday's practice and NU's safeties. We'll have more stuff in the upcoming days on spring ball. If you w

Sin-update: Jaren Sina was on my home turf this past weekend playing in the Jordan Brand Classic, and this update from Adam Zagorla pretty much summarizes everything we need to know about Sina at this point. Chris Collins met with him Sunday, Indiana has now officially offered, and Seton Hall is expected to be an even bigger player now that they brought until-very-recently-a-Northwestern-assistant Fred Hill onto their staff, making them even more of a likely destination for the New Jersey point guard. While we're talking about New Jersey recruiting, this was a nice story on a football pipeline NU has built in the Garden State, which is a really bad nickname for New Jersey.

Carmo Chameleon: People talked about Bill Carmody going to Marist and Rutgers. He will not be going to Marist,and he will not be going to Rutgers. At this point in the college coach hiring process, its looking like Carmody will not coach next season. Although there are still openings left, none of them seem particularly appealing to Carmody.

Spring has sprung, with bean dip: As someone who covered the Northwestern softball beat, I greatly appreciate Inside NU's attempt to document every weather summary softball SID Doug Meffley writes in the game's box score.

We're No. 9! Super-early preseason basketball rankings put Northwestern AHEAD of more than one team in basketball. Strong start to the Collins era! If you're pumped, this article by an NU softball player on why we should all get pumped for NU basketball is a good read.