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Jaren Sina commits to Seton Hall

One of the more hyped basketball commitments in Northwestern's recent basketball memory will go elsewhere, as New Jersey point guard Jaren Sina followed Fred Hill to Seton Hall after decommiting in the wake of Bill Carmody's firing.


Jaren Sina has informed people he's committed to Seton Hall, and quickly announced it on Twitter:

Jerry Carino, who has been on top of the whole thing, has a nice writeup for NJ Hoops Haven.

So, whatever. Chris Collins just went to Sina's home this weekend and spend a few hours there, which is time he could've spent better, I suppose, but I'm not particularly disappointed or surprised. This has seemed to be in the cards ever since Bill Carmody was fired. And when it became clear that Seton Hall was hiring Fred Hill - the guy who got Sina to come to Northwestern in the first place - it was hard not to imagine Sina would choose to stay home. Still a little surprising to see it right now, just minutes after Hill's hiring there - he'd just announced a visit to Indiana over a week from now.

Yes, its sort of a bummer. Northwestern landed a four-star type basketball player, and now he won't be a Wildcat because the coach he signed up to play for is gone. He really could've been useful, especially after a major downturn by Dave Sobolewski his second season and Tre Demps' emergence as more of a scorer than a passer. Kid's a really good shooter, and those always fly at Northwestern.

But it's the price you pay. I always said that Northwestern was smart not to let a talented 17-year-old - or his dad - hold the future of the school's basketball program hostage. Northwestern fired Bill Carmody, and I think the team is healthier off because of it. The excitement under Chris Collins is palpable, and its disappointing Sina didn't want to be a part of that.

Now Northwestern has an extra scholly for next year. I'm not sure if Chris Collins has another possible recruit lined up - it certainly could be the case, we didn't hear about Chier Ajou until last June - or a 5th year guy that could transfer in. He could also give it to James Montgomery III or something.