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Wrap-up of Chris Collins Coverage, Pre-Press Conference

Leading up to Chris Collins' introductory press conference at 11 AM CT today (broadcast on BTN, WGN and WNUR) check out all of our coverage of Collins' hiring since it was announced last week.

- Get to know Chris Collins and his background in this piece by Luke Srodulski. Collins has been a Duke assistant coach for 13 years after playing for the Blue Devils, and he grew up in Northbrook, Ill., a short drive from Evanston.

- Our instant analysis of Collins' hiring. Long story short: It worked out just about perfectly for Northwestern.

- In this column, Chris Johnson explains how Northwestern acted admirably in its coaching search, from Bill Carmody's firing to Collins' hiring.

- Now that Collins officially has the Northwestern job, he has a checklist of some items that must be accomplished quickly, especially recruiting and building a staff. We break down his to-do list here.

- Before he even gets going on recruiting for the years to come, Collins has to re-recruit two players that NU already though it had next year.

- Collins received lots of praise from just about everyone — players and coaches with Duke ties, national media and former coaches who he never worked with.