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InsideNU Talks Baseball on SportsNight

On the latest edition of InsideNU on SportsNight, Jonah Rosenblum goes on camera to discuss NU baseball and the game at Wrigley Field. There are also plenty more baseball highlights, including footage from the Wrigley game and the rest of the series against Michigan. Check out the video below, and be sure to check out the NNN sports website and follow SportsNight on Twitter at @NNNSports. Also be sure to check back to InsideNU for baseball coverage from our new baseball beat writer, Lynden Ostrander.

The Rundown

1:22 — NU-Michigan baseball highlights at Wrigley Field

3:37 — Athletic Director Jim Phillips talks about the Wrigley experience

4:11 — Coach Paul Stevens and player interviews

5:26 — Rest of NU-Michigan series highlights

7:11 — NU-UW Milwaukee baseball highlights at Miller Park

8:50 — InsideNU's Jonah Rosenblum sits down with SportsNight's Megan O'Brien to give some NU baseball analysis.

14:25 — Recent lacrosse scores

16:05 — Men's tennis highlights

16:29 — Recent softball scores

17:06 — Women's tennis highlights

17:50 — Women's golf scores

20:58 — SportsNight Spotlight with NU baseball player Kyle Ruchim

27:10 — Baseball plays of the week