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Introducing the InsideNU Forums

We’re pleased to announce that InsideNU will be adding football and basketball forums to our site, giving Northwestern fans another great place to discuss NU sports. Both forums will be completely free and can be accessed on the site’s main menu.

You can register for the forums by clicking here.

You, the readers, are who allow our site to function, and we want you to be more included in the conversation than you are now. The message boards will allow you to become directly involved in the conversation with us better than the current comment system does (that comment system will remain beneath articles).

Our readers will end up shaping what the board’s main function will be, but these will be our main goals heading into this:

1) Debate topics surrounding NU sports or the entire college sports landscape. We’ll post our debate articles and our projections on the forums, so you can chime in with your opinion. You’ll also be able to post your own topics, and we can hopefully have some good, informed discussion/banter.

2) You’ll be able to ask us questions about recruiting, the depth chart or any other questions you have. We can’t post articles about every little topic, so the forums will be a good way to make sure our readers have all the information they can get on NU football, basketball and recruiting.

3) Use our boards to share articles and information from around the web. Most message boards frown upon posting articles from other sites, but we encourage it. We’re information junkies just like many of you, so if you find something on another site — be it a site covering NU or a national organization — share it and we can all discuss it.

Ultimately, we’d like to build on the community of NU fans that we’ve already created, and a forum is the best way to do that. Hopefully we can create a well-informed, passionate and respectful community and make InsideNU a great place to discuss NU sports.

— Kevin Trahan and Chris Johnson