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Sunday Sips, ft. Bill Carmody to Rutgers, Rick Brunson, and more

Some updates on Bill Carmody's next job - if he does take one - Northwestern's assistant coaching staff, and spring football.


Been a while since I posted a bunch of stuff around here, so let's post a bunch of stuff around here, with focus on what's going on with Bill Carmody, Northwestern's still-incomplete basketball coaching staff, and, um, football? Oh, yeah, our football team is really good.

Fire Carm and carry on: I wouldn't be surprised if Bill Carmody decides to sit out the coaching game for a year or so. He's been making nice money for a long time at Northwestern, and I bet this whole "getting fired" thing has a bit of a bad taste in his mouth. But that won't stop people from bringing up his name in various scenarios.

Right now, with Rutgers having a little bit of a thingy - have you heard? - people are saying Bill Carmody might be in hte mix. Here he is in an story, and also at this site, and these people:

It makes sense in a lot of ways. Nobody's ever doubted Carmody's coaching IQ, and he's a Jersey guy, and after Fred Hill and Mike Rice, Rutgers needs a coach who is firmly on his rocker. But I'd be surprised if another major conference school takes a chance on a guy who just failed to get the job done for 13 years, plain and simple, even if it is a school without a whole ton of basketball history that's looking more for a character guy than a winner.

More likely for Carmody: Marist.

Go Red Foxes, y'all.

Drop it to the floor, that's an ass-istant: Northwestern still has two assistant coaching spots left with Tavaras Hardy in the fold. Who gon get em? The talk still surrounds Greg Paulus:

An older guy with more experience, hmm. That leaves a lot of options! I'm sure you all have ideas and have said them in the comments. However, I'm most intrigued with somebody who doesn't exactly fit that description:

DAMMMMN RIGHT Northwestern wants New York Knicks legend Rick Brunson on their staff. I won't say that Brunson was the heart and soul of the 1999 Knicks, my favorite basketball team of all time, but he was a member of the team - with a jersey and paycheck and everything. That's good enough for me.

More Chris Collins swoon: Whitney Young coach Tyrone Slaughter thinks Northwestern can establish a pipeline in the CPL, which, YES. NU's only Whitney Young player in recent times was Sterling Williams, which doesn't really speak to how important it would be to get players from Chicago's public schools. Also, Whitney Young's team name is the Dolphins, which I have long thought is very wonderful.

FOOTBALLLLLL: Off-Tackle Empire thinks Venric Mark is the best running back in the Big Ten, which is a league that sometimes has good running backs.

And Northwestern had an open practice yesterday! It wasn't a scrimmage....

INJURIESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! At least they happened now and not in September. Anyway, Skip Myslenski wrote it up and we have video, which I can't embed because of Northwestern's stupid video site. Highlights there include Venric Mark playing in sweatpants, a JACKED UP moment by Drew Smith on Mark Szott, and two nice touchdown grabs from Rashad Lawrence (WHOOOPS IT'S CAM DICKERSON), one on a picture-perfect pass from Trevor Siemian. They play again next week on the Big Ten Network.

Oh, and LINEMEN CATCHING PUNTS. It looks like our winner here is Connor Mahoney, but great work all around.

Pro football players! Well, kind of: Brian Peters is with the Saskatchewan Ruff Ryders Roughriders, and here's a story on Corbin Bryant, who is now with the Bills. (Sure, it's a confusingly written story that doesn't really say anything, but a story nonetheless.)