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Analyzing NU Lacrosse's NCAA Tournament Hopes on SportsNight

Our partnership with Northwestern News Network's SportsNight show continued this week with lacrosse beat writer Callie Counsellor going on camera to talk about Northwestern's play in the NCAA Tournament. The show also featured more NU sports highlights, and former NU quarterback Dan Persa was in studio to discuss the upcoming football season. Watch the whole show below, and be sure to visit NNN's official site and follow NNN Sports on Twitter at @nnnsports.

The Rundown

1:05 — Notre Dame vs. Stanford lacrosse highlights

3:04 — Northwestern vs. Stanford lacrosse highlights, plus an interview with Taylor Thornton

5:09 — InsideNU's Callie Counsellor sits down with SportsNight's Megan O'Brien to discuss NU lacrosse's NCAA Tournament performance so far and what lies ahead

8:43 — SportsNight's Ryan McCrimmon talks to NU lacrosse's Erin Fitzgerald as she reflects on her career in Evanston

14:43 — "News on Sports"

15:55 — Tennis highlights vs. UIC

17:34 — Tennis score vs. Baylor

18:00 — Women's golf scores and news

18:54 — Baseball and softball wrap-ups

20:43 — SportsNight's Dayana Sarkisova talks football with former NU quarterback Dan Persa

24:55 — SportsNight's Ryan Connelly Holmes tries to block former NU defensive end Quentin Williams in this week's SportsNight Showdown