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Patrick Baldwin's Twitter Account Will Lead You Into Battle

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Most of the things we write on this site are serious. If you want an in-depth look at Northwestern football's depth chart or a look at NU's 2014 recruiting targets, we've got you covered. However, in the interest of keeping things light and fun in the offseason, we also sometimes write about scandals involving World of Beer, and other fun nonsense. Today, hopefully we can give you a suggestion to make your Twitter timeline a little more interesting.

Most college athlete and coach Twitter accounts are boring. Sometimes former Minnesota head coach and current Florida State tight ends coach Tim Brewster says some exciting things. Oregon running back De'Anthony Thomas HAS POSSIBLY THE BEST TWITTER ACCOUNT EVER and former Wisconsin and current Arkansas coach Bret Bielema says some occasionally snarky things to Badgers fans. But for the most part, you get boring, "Go Cats! Winners on and off the field!" kind of things. There's nothing wrong with that, since just about anything can be scrutinized these days, as Pat Fitzgerald knows all too well.

However, every once in awhile, you get someone who says the right things and is also entertaining. Enter new NU assistant basketball coach Patrick Baldwin. He does a lot of retweeting of people who praise NU, but he also has some tweets that could motivate you to run a marathon, then go play a college basketball game. Yet somehow, he only has 340 followers. We report on NU — we're not a fan blog — so we're not usually in the business of promoting NU coaches' Twitter accounts. However, if you want a daily dose of motivation and energy, following Patrick Baldwin might not be a bad place to start. Some samples:


And in case you need a laugh, Baldwin has a funny side, too:


It's tough to tell how NU basketball will do this year, but at the very least it should be exciting, thanks to all the changes around the program. And if you're looking for some offseason excitement, Patrick Baldwin has you covered.