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Watching French people tweet about John Shurna

John Shurna hit his first four threes and finished with a game-high 16 points in his French semifinal game. We found what French people twat about it in their funny language and then tried to put our high school translation skills to the test.

Do you have it? French basketball playoff fever! Or as they say in France, "la grippe du basket playoff française, pamplemousse ascenseur Amélie."

Anyway, its the semifinals of the Ligue National de Basket, and in it, John Shurna's SIG Basket from Strasbourg are playing against Juice Thompson's ASVEL Lyon-Villeurbanne. It's a three game series, apparently, and the first game was Tuesday, the second game is today. Before the first game, John and Juice met up:

And the game was a Shurna party: he came in during the second quarter and hit three three-pointers on back-to-back-to-back possessions, giving his team a 24-9 lead, and later hit another to finish 4-for-5 from three in the first half. He'd end up with a game-high 16 points with three boards and an assist, while Juice had nine points, three assists, and three steals. Here, look, another photo:

Oh, that shot STAYS broke. Nice job fronting the post, Juice.

Anyway, by simply searching Twitter for "Shurna," we could find out what the hordes of Frenchmen tweeting about John Shurna think about his jump shot. (Asking bloggers wasn't enough for us.) And I can once again put my French translation skills to the test. Let's take a look, shall we? (We're going in chronological order, so you can witness the explosion, but you have to scroll through a bit for the really good ones.) We sincerely apologize for using our real French translation skills instead of our fake ones, which was better.

It's sweet and funny to see French people with their silly little language embracing John Shurna the same way we do. Best of luck to John, although it would be nice to see Twitter embracing Michael "Jus" Thompson as much today as his squad tries to extend the series.