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Northwestern women's lacrosse: Wildcats take on No. 2 Florida


Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Yo, I didn't realize they played the next game so quickly! I don't even have time to make up lies about Florida women's lacrosse this time! (Apparently, the game is Sunday! Whoops. Maybe I'll make up some lies.)

Anyway: Northwestern looked a biiiiit shaky Friday night, beating Penn State 8-7 in overtime thanks to an Amanda Macaluso game-winner. Florida did not look a bit shaky in their semifinal, winning 17-3.

In the long run. After all, Northwestern lost to Florida last year in the ALC Tournament, and went on to win the national championship, their seventh in eight seasons. No biggie, right?

But in the... ummm.... short run? It's huge. Northwestern was embarrassed 22-4 by the Gators, and although all the national titles are nice, its also nice to win your conference. Florida has made a serious push to be considered the top team in the country, and a win Saturday would really cement that. If Northwestern wants to keep their status as a dynasty all cemented up, they gotta win Saturday.

The game's at 11 a.m. at the Johns Hopkins website, again, if you wanna watch.