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Mike Kafka could start, Pat Fitzgerald loves the Blackhawks, and other Thursday sips

DOO DOO DA DOO DOO DA DOO DOO DA DOO DEE DOODEE DOOP. Also, Mike Kafka, potential starting QB, George Kontos, sorta the opposite, and maybe Northwestern might play Notre Dame?

Dilip Vishwanat

So, how about those Blackhawks! Anyway, there's this weird thing where I'm actually coming up with enough Northwestern news every day to do a links post, so, have fun with it, you big jerks?

CHELSEA CHELSEA I BELIEVE: DOO DOO DA DOO DOO DA DOO DOO DA DOO DEE DOODEE DOOP. My point is, I'm not a Blackhawks fan -- Rangers? -- but I know enough people who are to pull for em, and sometimes hockey is awesome. Pat Fitzgerald certainly thinks so:

At least one of his kids didn't, though, as the game wore into triple overtime:

But eventually it all worked out:

Mike Kafka, NFL starter? : Jaguars GM Rob Caldwell said that Mike Kafka had as good a chance as any of the other four quarterbacks on his roster to start. You see, Caldwell was in the Falcons organization when Kafka had his moment of glory on Monday Night Football, and has been impressed since. From ESPN:

Kafka, 25, will get a fair crack at more than a backup job with a team that is preaching competition and giving everyone at virtually every position a chance... General manager Dave Caldwell said he considered Kafka early in the offseason, but the quarterback already had committed to the Patriots. Caldwell said Kafka’s got "just as good an opportunity" to win the job as Gabbert, Chad Henne or undrafted rookie Matt Scott.

That's AWESOME. The Jaguars pretty much have the worst QB situation in the NFL -- well, I'm a Jets fan, so, I know that isn't true -- and Kafka enters into that, which genuinely does mean he has a chance to play. Much better than being stuck behind Tommy Brady.

Campbell's Chunky: Here's a screenshot of the top ten players on Northwestern's roster in NCAA 14 (err, the top ten "players" "on" Northwestern, who totally aren't based on real people at all):


1. Ibraheim Campbell
2. Kain Colter
3. Venric Mark
4. Jeff Budzien
5. Brandon Vitabile
6. Damien Proby
7. Trevor Siemian
8. Brandon Williams
9. Chi Chi Ariguzo
10. Collin Ellis

That's some awesome praise for our linebackers. They made Kain Colter a bit too high, and Brandon Williams really shouldn't be on there -- maybe Nick Van Hoose, or one of the wide receivers. But, yeah.

Re-wake up the echoes: Adam Rittenberg calls my bluff on this post from yesterday

I'll believe it when I see it -- "it" being "Notre Dame cancelling two games besides Northwestern's -- but that's good news.

BRIAN JAMES LIVES!!!!:Remember this post about Brian James joining Northwestern's coaching staff? You know, the one I wrote ON APRIL 14TH? Well, the formalities are over with, the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed:

Andy Katz makes an awesome point: No word on what the damn hold up is. With Tavaras Hardy gone, Northwestern is still on the lookout for a third assistant.

KontD'OH: We don't talk enough about how awesome George Kontos is. Dude went to Northwestern and won a World Series ring last year!!!

This year hasn't been so great. He has a 5.76 ERA, and after beaning Andrew McCutchen in a game, he was suspended three games. Oh, and he was demoted to the minors, meaning if he ever gets called up, he has to immediately sit for three games. Since having 25 guys on your roster is important, he might be off the roster until September callups.

The Gopher was angry that day, my friends:The Daily Gopher unearthed an awesome 1998 ad campaign from Minnesota where a dude in a football uniform lurks the prairies while his cousin, the field gopher watches on. Must see.