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Meet Northwestern's 2013 Recruiting Class

10 weeks from last night, Northwestern will kick off its 2013 football season against Cal. But today is the day that the freshmen report for training. With the new crop of Wildcats set to land in Evanston, our Chris Johnson talked to each one over the past couple months about their thoughts on their upcoming careers. Check out the best quote and the story from each one to get to know your future Wildcats even better.

Brad North
Position: OL
Hometown: Allen, TX
Story: Brad North Gearing Up for Northwestern's 2013 Season
Quote: “Honestly I could see this team being a top-ten team and competing for the Rose Bowl.”

Godwin Igwebuike
Position: RB
Hometown: Pickerington, OH
Story: Godwin Igwebuike Hits the Stage
Quote: “It was something I just decided I wanted to do this year,” Igwebuike said of joining the school play. “I wanted to do it last year but I never really got the chance. It was a nice way to switch things up.”

Sam Coverdale
Position: OL
Hometown: Chagrin Falls, OH
Story: Sam Coverdale Blunt in his Intentions
Quote: “I’m not about flash. That’s not really important to me."

Anthony Walker Jr.
Position: OLB
Hometown: Opa Locka, FL
Story: Anthony Walker is All About Speed
Quote: “I had to put away the fact that it was my home team, the school I always wanted to attend,” Walker said of turning down a scholarship offer from Miami. “I looked at the fact that Northwestern was the best opportunity for me academically and football-wise.”

Hunter Niswander
Position: K/P
Hometown: Woodridge, OH
Story: Hunter Niswander is Really Good, Just Don't Expect Him to Admit It
Quote: “It’s something I look forward to, I love those types of kicks,” Niswander said of crucial crunch time kicks. “As a kicker, you want to be able to do that for your team. It’s part of being a kicker.”

Matt Alviti
Position: QB
Hometown: Park Ridge, IL
Story: Matt Alviti Excited for 2013, Embraces Future Challenges
Quote: “It just shows that coach Fitz and the whole coaching staff are finding the right guys,” he said of Northwestern’s 2014 recruiting class. “They want to commit to a program like Northwestern knowing its about academics and football. It’s pretty special.”

Macan Wilson
Position: WR
Hometown: Houston, TX
Story: Macan Wilson was Sold on Northwestern's People
Quote: “The guys reminded me of my friends at home. I just thought it was a great social fit. I was really impressed with the character of the players and the coaches and the rest of the people I met.”

Xavier Menifield
Position: RB
Hometown: Chatsworth, CA
Story: Xavier Menifield Wants to "Wow" People
Quote: “He’s truly inspirational,” Menifield said of Mark. “He’s a smaller guy going against huge Big Ten D-lines and linebackers. He’s just really fun to watch.”

Matt Harris
Position: CB
Hometown: LaGrange, IL
Story: Matt Harris Draws a Key Distinction Between Northwestern and Illinois
Quote: “I just felt like, after that visit (to NU), it was a place where I could be comfortable for four years,” he said. “Wisconsin was great, but the experience at Northwestern kind of won me over.”

Tyler Lancaster
Position: DT
Hometown: Painfield, IL
Story: Tyler Lancaster Wants to Make an Impact This Season
Quote: “I’ve always loved to tackle,” he said. “I’ve played offensive line most of my life, but I consider myself a defensive lineman at heart.”

Keith Watkins
Position: CB
Hometown: Forest Park, OH
Story: Keith Watkins Won't be Bored at Northwestern
Quote: “I don’t like guys that are boring and uncomfortable,” he said. “I’m always willing to joke and have fun, so I like to be around guys who can do that.”

Eric Joraskie
Position: DE
Hometown: Mount Carmel, PA
Story: Eric Joraskie Wants to See the Field in His First Year
Quote: “It wasn’t the best recruiting experience with them,” Joraskie said of Penn State. “I knew when I chose Northwestern that I was picking the right school.”

Kyle Queiro
Position: S
Hometown: Oradell, NJ
Story: Kyle Queiro is Not a Finesse Player
Quote: “It’s kind of a pride thing,” he said of his position choice. “It’s a personal choice, but I just wanted to prove I can do it – that I can play well on that side of the ball, too.”

Blake King
Position: OL
Hometown: Minooka, IL
Story: Blake King Knew His Answer Long Before Northwestern Offered a Scholarship
Quote: “Coach Fitz is a great leader and a great coach,” he said. “It’s in a great location, there are new facilities coming, and when you go there, there’s this good family vibe you get. Things are only headed up.”

Brett Walsh
Position: OLB
Hometown: Monrovia, CA
Story: Brett Walsh Fits Northwestern's Linebacker Mold
Quote: “They recruited me off my athleticism,” he said. “Other schools said I needed to meet a certain weight. With Northwestern, it was like ‘he’s a player, he’s a gamer’. I’m not the biggest linebacker, but I’ll run around and chase you down.”

Warren Long
Position: RB
Hometown: Union City, CA
Story: Warren Long: Northwestern Running Back, Musician, Barber and Teenager
Quote: “Most kids here are pretty much just set on Pac 12 schools,” he said. “I’m not a closed-minded person. I wanted to try something different – to get that college experience away from home.”

Tommy Fuessel
Position: WR
Hometown: Frankfurt, IL
Story: Tommy Fuessel's Path to Northwestern was Anything but Conventional
Quote: “It was really a fast process,” he said of the time between his commitment to NIU and flipping to NU. “I sent out varsity tape and opened up my recruitment. As soon as that happened, NU came along and said they would recruit me.”

Jayme Taylor
Position: SB
Hometown: The Woodlands, TX
Story: Jayme Taylor Should Make an Easy Transition to Superback
Quote: “He really values character and academics,” Taylor said of Fitzgerald. “Just the way he talked about it all, I knew playing there would pay off in the future.”

Marcus McShepard
Position: CB
Hometown: Cleveland Heights, OH
Story: Ohio State Game Has Special Meaning for Marcus McShepard
Quote: “I see that as a championship game,” he said of the OSU game. “Especially if I’ve performed well prior to that game. It’s the school I’m going to against the school I grew up wanting to go to.”