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Monday Sips, ft. GOSH WHERE'S MY MILK, Graduating, and the circle of life

Some news on Cats in the pros, some pictures of Cats leaving school, and some video of a Cat falling asleep on a desk.

We got a big, robust, turgid heaping helping of linky stuff today so that you can start your workweek off right.

GOLLY HAVE ANY OF YOU SEEN MY MILK: Northwestern released a "This is SportsCenter" commercial parody, featuring Willie the Wildcat as "assistant to the head coach," and you gotta watch it:

The star of the show is obviously linebackers coach Randy Bates, who is angry that somebody took his milk (and also makes the acting school Day 1 mistake of looking directly into the camera while delivering his only line.) Also, the giant stuffed Wildcat I didn't realize was hanging around the football offices.

You know I already graduated: Commencement day was this past Friday, so congrats to those of you dumb jerks who were still enrolled at Northwestern and no longer are. Some of you are cool, but most of you Northwestern was making a gaping, monstrous mistake by accepting in the first place, a mistake they only exacerbated by actually allowing you to matriculate and graduate. You make my degree less valuable, and I hate you. Congrats!

Some of those people graduating were Northwestern athletes! Here's the whole crew:

Here's Coach Fitz going around with the football dudes: Brian Arnfelt -- now of the Steelers -- probably got the photo of the day:

Master's Degree? Check. NORTHWESTERN BOWL RING? Check. (Fellow NFL-er Corbin Bryant also got his Master's.)

Here's the hoops squad, two of which will be back next year:

Of course, the world keeps turning, and as Northwestern saw a bunch of its seniors go out into the world, they welcomed in a bunch of youngins, with 23 freshmen officially allowed to report to campus on Sunday:


Are you ready for some ROUGES: CFL roster cuts happened over the weekend, and although Brian Peters sadly didn't make the Saskatchewan Roughriders -- you might say he was stopped and dropped, and now needs to shut em down and open up shop -- but Tyrell Sutton, who has now twice announced his retirement via Twitter, signed with the Montreal Alouettes. This gives us yet ANOTHER reason to discuss former NU athletes in French. Oh, on that front:

Expect to see Johnny in Summer League in a few weeks. (In case you didn't hear, his team lost the French league finals. Bummer, but still cool.

B1G Crootin: Bud, better known as @SBNRecruiting, put together an all-Big Ten recruiting team. NU placed Justin Jackson (running back) and Jordan Thomas (safety) with Clayton Thorson apparently in the running at QB. Not a bad haul, although Ohio State and Michigan are just kicking ass.

COAST 2 COAST: The B1G added some new bowls: the Holiday and Kraft Fight Hunger over on that coast, and also the Pinstripe Bowl about a 1:15 subway ride from my house. Good news for everybody (that isn't in Florida.)