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Sean McEvilly, Northwestern Wildcats football, No. 67

Sean McEvilly gained a starting role at defensive tackle as a sophomore, and is probably gonna hold on to it as a junior with Brian Arnfelt gone. SEANA PAUL


Sean McEvilly -- emphasis on the "evil" -- is a 6'5, 275-pound defensive tackle for the Wildcats, who should most definitely be all up in that starting lineup his junior year after starting ten games as a sophomore. We didn't really expect him to play much last year, and then he did, and was good, so, now we do expect him to play this year. It's weird that there are sometimes starters in the midst of all these backup offensive linemen! Anyway, read on:

Origin myth

McEvilly is from the OC, specifically Yorba Linda, Spanish for "pretty Yorba" and best known as Richard Nixon's home. He played both ways for Orange Lutheran, as an offensive tackle and defensive end, earning all-conference first team honors as a senior. But most services pegged him as a defensive tackle in college -- Rivals was the hold out, putting him at offensive tackle -- and the three-star recruit chose Northwestern over Duke, Fresno State, San Diego State, and Colorado State.

At Northwestern

McEvilly redshirted in 2010 and barely played in 2011, just making it into the Eastern Illinois blowout. But last season, he saw immediate playing time, making what I remembered to be a sack against Syracuse that apparently wasn't. By the time the Big Ten schedule rolled around, he had replaced Will Hampton as the starter at one tackle spot, and started the team's final ten games.

Career highlights

McEvilly jumped on a loose ball at the one yard line against Michigan State, but he didn't force the fumble -- woo botched snaps! -- so I'm giving it to his sack of Matt McGloin for a loss of 15 yards. The ginge thought he could outrun the big dude backwards, but it didn't pan out, as McEvilly caught up to him. Facing 3rd-and-24, the Nittany Lions ran a garbage play, and then outkicked the coverage on the punt, leading to Venric Mark's return touchdown.

Anagram of choice

Discovering the Wildcats' true inner selves through spelling

Sean McEvilly, anagrammed, is


Troglodytes were pretty damn foolhardy. This would make a great TV show! It is impressive that Sean manages to be multiple silly cavemen, but whatever (Also considered: "Manly vesicle," which, um, yeah, "slimy enclave" -- yo, don't think I'm not suspicious of you, San Marino -- and "Calmly envies," which is somebody being super passive-aggressive.)

Relevant musical selection

Oh, come on, man, how do you expect me to do anything with "McEvilly," that's not even a common na- WAIT, WHAT?!?!

Personal: Born Sean Paul McEvilly ... Son of Richard and Deborah McEvilly ... Father played college basketball ... Majoring in economics.


Personal: Born Sean Paul McEvilly ... Son of Richard and Deborah McEvilly ...


Personal: Born Sean Paul McEvilly


Fun fact: Sean Paul is one of only four people on the Wikipedia page entitled "Jamaican people of Jewish descent". I also can't understand 80 percent of what he says. (Oh, and by the way, I also could have used Tupac songs released under the name "Makaveli", and it would've made sense because McEvilly is from Cali, but, SEAN-A-PAUL.)

How he can help

McEvilly is Northwestern's most consistent defensive tackle. I'm not sure he has the upside or athleticism of other guys at the position -- Will Hampton showed the talent to get snaps as a freshman, Chance Carter's faster, Greg Kuhar's a stud and really really strong, CJ Robbins is a hybrid defensive end/defensive tackle type --, but in 2013, he's the guy best suited to playing most often, and that's important. Brian Arnfelt graduates, and Northwestern needs an anchor at DT.

Depth chart projection

: We got Sean starting at defensive tackle. I think the other spot -- Will Hampton's -- is up for grabs, especially with some talented youngsters, but I'd be confident McEvilly will start.