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Tuesday Sips, ft. MORE MARKNADO, Big Ten Media Days Comin', and more

Yo, here's lotsa stuff! Also, would you rather be consistently good, or suck a lot and win a title?


Hey all, ready to hammer out y'alls' Tuesday mornings? Well great, because I've got NORTHWESTERN AND ALSO BIG TEN LINKS FOR YOU GUYS, READY TO ROLL. (I'll be doing these more and more often as football approacheth and more news happens. Or at least I'll try.

MARKNADO: We already did Marknado once, but thanks to NU Highlights, we can do it again:

That's just so good, and you need to watch it. The segues between chainsaws and Tara Reid and Venric Mark are damn near perfect.

(Playing Basketball) In Bruges: JerShon Cobb and Sanjay Lumpkin are going to Europe, y'all! They're taking part in an exhibition tour coached by Pat Baldwin which will appear in five games between Belgium and the Netherlands. That's good, since they should play basketball, and they played a grand total of four combined games between Cobb's academic suspension and Lumpkin's mono-turned-into-a-wrist-injury, and both will be expected to factor in on Northwestern's team this year. They'll probably be the best players on the squad -- Purdue's Ronnie Johnson, who is gonna be a player as he ages, is there, and UIC's Hayden Humes averaged double digits last year, but there's also two guys from SIU-Edwardsville on the roster. So, have fun in the Netherlands, guys!

B1G Media Days comin: They're tomorrow, and I'll be doing work for the mothership that will appear here. Corn Nation came up with questions they wish would get asked but probably won't, which is funny although they appear to have misjudged Pat Fitzgerald's MLB team allegiance.

Extremely realistic Northwestern-Iowa preview: BHGP's video game preview series is brilliant, and their Northwestern edition was spectacular (although hopefully inaccurate).

Watch lists are finally over! Inside NU is just excited as I am. They rounded up all the NU players to make one. They also do important stuff, like telling you about Vic Law recruiting other players. -O-L-I-N-I update: Over at the Champaign Room, one of the self-proclaimed two Illinois fans who cares more about football than basketball is starting a series of 11 things Illinois needs to do better to be better at football, which seems like a lot of things! They started with scheduling, actually talking about how Northwestern did it very well during a stretch when they needed wins, which I said a lot at the time but haven't really reflected on in the past few years. Those Miami (Ohio) and Eastern Michigan games -- i.e., wins -- were helpful getting NU where they are now, actually. Meanwhile, Illinois is probably going to lose to Cincinnati and Washington, which will make things even harder for them.

Elsewhere, Bill Connelly's amazing preview series has hit the Big Ten, and oh my, the pools of blood surrounding the Illinois version. (Previously: Indiana, who might matter, Minnesota, trying to make the turn under Jerry Kill, and Purdue, playing it safe with Darrell Hazell.)

Deep thoughts, with Jim Tressel: LGHL asks: Would you rather suck for a long time and then win a title, or be consistently good? Particularly interesting for Northwestern, since we seem to have done both. I've only been around long enough for the second one, and that seems a lot better, although 1995 seems like the craziest thing ever to have crazied and it must have been kind of cool going ape over every win, even if it only happened once every three seasons.

Around the B1G-o-sphere: As the B1G league manager I come across a lot of real quality stuff from my fellow SBN B1G bloggers, but don't showcase it often enough.

-You might have heard some things happened at Ohio State yesterday, and Land-Grant Holy Land was totally on top of it.

-Two Minnesota players joined the O'Bannon case, but they might actually hurt it because they never play.

-HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE! Violent Michigan vs. OSU hate over at OTE. Corn Nation on Why College Football Will Be Dead in 20 years, and LGHL with a rebuttal.

- Wisconsin has one quarterback who looks, sounds, and plays like Russell Wilson, but is just a walk-on. And they also can't stop attacking their star players, with Tanner McEvoy getting mugged.

That's it for now, dearies!