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Demetrius Fields Signs with St. Louis Rams

Former Northwestern receiver Demetrius Fields signed a one-year contract with the St. Louis Rams today after bouncing around as an undrafted free agent this spring and summer. Fields will be paid $405,000 this year with no signing bonus, according to St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Jim Thomas:

Fields earned a tryout with the Chicago Bears, but failed to make the team, so his signing with the Rams is a bit unexpected. He was NU's top receiver last year, but due to the Wildcats' run-based offense, he didn't put up flashy numbers, finishing with 305 yards and a touchdown on 33 receptions.

Fields is the third NU player from this season to receive an NFL contract. Brian Arnfelt signed a three-year, $1.487 million deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers, while Patrick Ward had signed with the Miami Dolphins, but was waived on May 30.

(h/t Rodger Sherman)