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Tuesday Sips, ft. Fitz bein sexy

Pat Fitzgerald has sex appeal, but he doesn't know it. Plus, yellow cards, media day stuff, and more!


Hey all! I'm coming to y'all live from Cape Cod, where my friend is an announcer for one of the teams in the summer baseball league. Yesterday his team played against a team starting a Northwestern pitcher. The Northwestern pitcher gave up six runs in .2 innings. #B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G #B1G

I've got my pastels-colored short shorts, boat shoes, and croakies on, so I'm pretty much the worst person of all time. LET'S DO THIS:

(note: the intro portion of this was taken WORD FOR DAMN WORD from the daily email I send out to the Big Ten bloggers. Y'all are getting my leftovers.)

SexFitz: Fitz's comments at Big Ten Media Day include the words "sex appeal" an awful lot. The whole thing is worth reading -- he talks about B1Gness, winning a bowl game, rankings, Bo Cisek's No. 1, which will soon be given to somebody else, but what really stood out was this:

"I'm not sure I will ever control the sex appeal of Northwestern football."


Meanwhile, Brent Yarina asked 12 player who they'd most like to play for,and guess who won:

  • "You can tell he loves what he does, and players love to play for him. He has a lot of fun out there."
  • "He seems like a cool guy. As far as seeing him on TV and from what I hear about him, he sounds like a great guy."

Cool guy! One person also said the most exciting player in the Big Ten was Kain Colter, which I don't agree with, but I see where they're coming from.

Crootin, where OH NO THE BLOOD: Bud Elliott updated his All Big Ten Recruiting team, and, JESUS, OHIO STATE AND MICHIGAN. NU WR commit Justin Jackson is on the list, but DB Jordan Thomas got bumped. (FWIW, evidence OSU and Michigan are crazy: 5-star George Marshall to Michigan, 4-star Demetrius Knox to OSU, 4-star Damien Harris to Michgan.)

Fitz on fùtbol: The always-wonderful Adam Kramer, on Pat Fitzgerald's idea to give players yellow cards instead of ejecting them for targeting offenses.

Then there is Fitzgerald, a former All-American linebacker sporting a football pedigree matched by few, tossing around a soccer solution for one of his game's biggest problems.

"Our young men have an opportunity to play 48 games and maybe a few more if they're lucky," Fitzgerald said. "Taking away one game can be significant."

Leftover media day stuff: Some greaaaaaaaaat stuff from EDSBS on how Jerry Kill is the Roto Rooter man, as well as how Urban Meyer starring in The Fugitive.

Also, Peter Berkes had an awesome story on how Jim Delany's speech means change is coming to college football, and Hammer and Rails rounded up the best Twitter questions from Media Days.

Every day I'm Huskerling: Corn Nation's Nebraska preview touches on how they shoulda smoked Northwestern last year. (Reminder: they won by one point because a field goal missed by a few feet.)

Meanwhile, Chad on how Nebraska has ruined our conference, and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AN OUTBREAK OF LIL REDS (featuring a cameo from Air Willie.)

Your weekly Pops Mensah-Bonsu/Northwestern basketball crossover news: The UK released their roster for their upcoming Eurobasket, and although it doesn't feature Luol Deng or Joel Freeland, it DOES feature Alex Marcotullio.There's 17 players currently listed, a number that will have to be trimmed to 12, of which Marco could very well be one, especially considering the not-exactly-NBA-caliber of every player on the roster. We'll keep y'all updated on that!

LTP! Shilling for the QB club, which you should go to if you're in Chicago -- Dan Persa, Zak Kustok, and Steve Schnur!

Send Stefan Demos to China: For the Arena Football League all-star game! (Thanks to FarEastWildcat in the comments on this one.)

There's a lot of other stuff I had planned on linking, but allow me to make a suggestion! The Big Ten Football group, and the Best of SB Nation B1G group (4 jokes and well done stuff), both of which are on our front page!

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