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Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald to go through ESPN's 'Car Wash' Thursday

As part of its preseason college football coverage, ESPN will send Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald through its famous media “car wash” Thursday, wherein the Wildcats’ coach will be featured across various digital platforms along with five other Big Ten coaches: Illinois’ Tim Beckman, Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz, Michigan’s Brady Hoke, Penn State’s Bill O’Brien and Michigan State’s Mark Dantonio. The other six made appearances Wednesday.

NUSports designed a tidy infographic laying out Fitzgerald’s schedule:

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 10.19.47 PM

If you’ve listened to ESPN radio before, or have been tuning in throughout the network’s recent succession of college coach carwash installments, you pretty much know what to expect when Fitzgerald hits the airwaves tomorrow. An idea: somebody count up the number of times Fitzgerald says “Go ‘Cats” on air. Winner gets some kind of prize, promise.