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Venric Mark named to Hornung Award Watch List

There are less than three weeks until Big Ten Media Days, so we're inching ever closer to football season. However, it's still early July, meaning aside from recruiting, there's not all that much to talk about besides watch lists and other such nonsense.

Here's the thing about watch lists: they're ridiculous. 1) They have like 50 people on them, which is like a recruit narrowing down his list of schools to a "top 13," and 2) Even though they have 50 people on them, they still often leave off some of the best players. So let's all take some advice from the great Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation:


Anyways, after that rant, I suppose it's time that we mention that running back/kick returner/punt returner/occasional slot receiver Venric Mark made the Hornung Award watch list this year, which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. He'll be listed as a first team "all purpose" All-American by many media outlets this preseason, and that's essentially the same thing the Hornung Award is honoring. So the Hornung Award committee seems to have gotten that one right, just as they did with a lot of other members of this list.

However, it's pretty curious that dual-threat quarterback/occasional wide receiver Kain Colter didn't make the list. After all, the Hornung Award's official website said its purpose is to honor "the most versatile player in major college football," and Colter seems to at least warrant consideration. So let this be a lesson to all you aspiring dual-threat quarterbacks/wide receivers out there: you better start freshening up on your offensive line or kicking skills, or else DON'T DARE to consider yourself versatile.

Or just don't care about awards, because awards are stupid.