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Tuesday Sips, ft. Camp Kenosha, ixnay on Marknado, lots of Jeff Budzien, and more

Links from Northwestern's training camp, where Jeff Budzien is pretty much the only person we're interested in. Oh, wait, no, also a bunch of other things.


Lotta stuff so let's get to it!

FOOTBALLLLLL: NU is already up to Camp Kenosha. Here's the practices stories from Inside NU. Now let's watch some videos and stuff. OH MY GOODNESS IT'S ALMOST LIKE REAL FOOTBALL IT'S QUARTERBACKS THROWING TO WIDE RECEIVERS AHHHHH

Eric Joraskie is the guy whose job it is to put his hand in a thing and let Tyler Scott hit it. This linebackers drill is cool but WHAT IN THE CRAP IS NORTHWESTERN DOING LISTENING TO GROVER WASHINGTON IN TRAINING CAMP

And some pics:

Deal with it: Venric Mark says he does not like being called "Marknado." TOO BAD BUDDY. If we listened to players, no athlete ever would have had a fun nickname, and you'll take SHURNABALLS from my cold dead hands.

YOUR DAILY FIX OF 42 STORIES ABOUT JEFF BUDZIEN: SI released their All-American team, and Jeff Budzien was a second-teamer. Behind Cairo Santos. We've already mentioned how he's basically the worst person ever and deserves to be punched in the face. Now it's clear: Operation: The Purple Let's Kill Cairo is on. The Buddy Z twitter had something to say on this:

Of course, because we're weird human beings, this isn't all the Jeff Budzien content I have for you today. Dude was on college football live:

It took him one try, for the record. (BTW, I went and watched kickers practice kicking a few weeks ago, and this is an accuracy drill they do. None of the kickers at the camp I went to pulled it off though, which is a bummer, because the guy running the camp was giving out a free t-shirt.)

NUHighlights made a silly but AWESOME video

And last, but not least, Budzien popped up in EDSBS' Antiques Roadshow analysis of autographed photos on the eBay. NO BUDDY Z NOT YOUR ELIGIBILITY NOOOOOOOOO

oh wait actual last but not least, real football news:

Tom Fornelli is still a jerk: CBS' top 25 rankingsfeature six of eight guys putting Northwestern in.

BT Powerhouse: Have y'all been? It's SB Nation's new B1G blog, and it's pretty solid -- their most recent post even has a picture of Bill Carmody! They've put together a really solid team of contributors in a really short amount of time, so don't get turned off by this post about Northwestern.

Panthers to state! From a tipster (I DON'T SPEND ALL DAY LOOKING AT ITALIAN FOOTBALL TEAM'S WEBSITES): scroll down the Parma Panthers' website, and wait until you find somebody whose name isn't Italian. That's right, Ben Johnson is a professional football player! Laugh at the fact that it's in Italy, and realize that you'd probably like to be paid to do anything professionally in Italy, especially sports. Anyway, it looks like he's doing some wide receiving for the Panthers, whose name is oddly not translated into Italian, and that either somebody messed something up or he has 34 INTERCEPTIONS on the season. (No, we will not have an in-depth analysis like when we found out Finland was the No. 1 importer of ex-Northwestern defensive backs.)

Go to the video tape: Awesome story on Darby Dunnagan, Northwestern's new video coordinator, the first ever woman to have that job for a big-school team. She played offensive line in middle school, and comes from Justin Fuente's staff at Memphis. Fascinating story.

Roll Cats: Nick Saban knew he needed a real champion to talk to the two-time defending champion Alabama Crimson Tide, so he reached out to a Northwestern grad. Joe Girardi, to be specific. In other news, Nick Saban has not looked at the MLB standings this year.

That's one secret I'll never tell: What would coaches say about Northwestern if nobody knew it was them who said it? Well, now we know!

"They have some good receivers. They know what they want to do on offense. Their line functions well together. The combination of (Kain) Colter and (Trevor) Siemian at quarterback is unique. They are both good. And I like how they use them. It makes you prepare for both guys, which is hard to do. It's two different gameplans. I know they have used them both in the game at the same time. Colter can be a weapon as a slot receiver who can make some plays."  ...

"I don't know if you can underestimate how good and how fast Venric Marc is. He was great last year." ...

"I don't think there's any area that sticks out that makes you say, ‘Wow!' one way or the other, good or bad, but they are becoming better athletically with their recruiting. They were always well-coached but didn't always have the talent. They know how to get the best out of their talent." ...

"They do a great job up front. They are very smart guys that pick things up well. ... They don't have an imposing offensive line, but they play to the scheme well."

oh sry were you having trouble getting excited

Stayin' alive: Northwestern, still alive for the national title! So is everybody in the Big Ten besides Minnesota, pretty much.

Brz-oh no!: Remember Mislav Brzoja, the basketball player who had a 4.0 GPA but Northwestern said wasn't good enough? Well, he's done at Villanova, transferring to Evansville after scoring two points in his year with the Wildcats. Kid loves purple.

#GolfCats: Chris Collins and Luke Donald teamed up to beat a team featuring Kirk Hinrich in a golf event. Yeah, I don't know.

Stoooooooooocks: LGHL looks at who is overrated and underrated in the Big Ten, and suggests shorting Northwestern. Ah-haha, yes, we are rich and understand money jokes.

Miscellany, which, btw, is just as important as the regular stuff but less related to Northwestern: The Big Ten bus broke down, which is art imitating life... AWESOME (albeit unpurchasable) shirts for every B1G team from OTE... OTE also has a great series about how we ended up with a College Football Playoff.... Corn Nation asks if bringing in high character guys even means anything.... Iowa loses their top recruit to Bama b/c Iowa and Bama...Sorta burying the lead here but I wrote about buffaloes...

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