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Northwestern listens to country music every Thursday, because America. Seriously. That's what Pat Fitzgerald said.

I don't really have enough sips here to necessitate a full sips, but enough that got left over that it was worth it. Lump it in with last night's sips, which are more prominent and have more things to sip on.

COUNTRY MUSIC THURSDAY:Inside NU broke down the most important day on the Wildcats' camp calendar:

"Every Thursday is ‘Country Thursday'," head coach Pat Fitzgerald said. "I think [the tradition] started back when I was a player [at Northwestern]. We only had, like, one stereo so the days in the locker room change and it became ‘Country Thursday'...It's country music, man. That's America."




I only wish I could be present for Country Music Thursdays. Or that they had done this when I covered the team.


- Sticking with the music theme, the offensive lineman got hyped for practice with an a cappella rendition of the Pokémon theme song.

ugh we are nerds aren't we

also shouldn't *wide receivers* be singing a song about catching them all

just sayin

Inside NU also broke down Matt Alviti, which I'm linking to here since we won't be profiling him :(

Does not compute: Somebody asked some goshdarned computers to predict the college football season, and alas, they do not think Northwestern will win the national championship. They think Alabama will beat Ohio State. More germane to our interests, though, they think Northwestern will have 7.7 wins and 4.3 losses, finishing sixth in the conference and fourth in the Legends Division, before winning the Texas Bowl against Louisiana-Lafayette.

As excited for the season and Pasadena-minded as surely many of us are, we have to remember that winning, like, eight games, and finishing sixth is definitely within the realm of possibility. There are a lot of good teams clustered at the top of this conference, and we should be glad that Northwestern is among them. If the cards don't fall the right way, it'll be a bummer, but it shouldn't be unexpected. In fact, it would be one of the best seasons in Northwestern history most years, but coming off a 10-winner, it seems awful.

BLOGFYTE: Nick Medline from Scout guested over at LTP, and made a comment about how Kain Colter should play wide receiver instead of quarterback. Inside NU methodically broke down why this was not a smart thing to say. YES! BLOG FIGHT! For too long we Northwestern fans have been nice to each other simply because there are so few of us, but now, as more of us appear, we can actually argue about things! (Personally, I think it's incredibly obvious that Kain Colter should play the majority of his snaps at quarterback, and think anybody who thinks otherwise is a big stupid idiot who can lick the dirt off my boots and scrub my underbelly.) (Wait, do humans have underbellies?)

BYCTOM: Why even bother reading what I'm saying just click click click click click


Basketball miscellany: Coach Collins on how Northwestern just needs to play its best guys, regardless of position, and how that will include bunches of Alex Olah. And this story on Jared Swopshire, which makes it seem as if a) his playing days are over and b) he never finished up his NU degree, which is a bummer. Wanted the best for that kid, and hated the way his career ended.

Matt Fitzpatrick is the truth: Not to get too hyped over a golf recruit, but kid's in the quarterfinals of the US Amateur championship as an incoming freshman after winning best amateur at the British Open. Why he's in college, I have no clue, but he's a damn star. Kid will be on the PGA Tour. Book it. And Northwestern fans get to claim him.

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