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Vote for new rad vids

Alright dudes and ladies I'm gonna do one more dope reel of NU gridiron domination before the season starts.

If you haven't seen the other moving pictures I produced this week, I'll include them right here. Please take your time to watch them, I promise you will not find a more sublime and respectful treatment of college football from a Northwestern perspective anywhere else on the internet.

Also, I think you'll find the quality of the editing and cinematography rivals Hollywood.


This is your polling place

So, I got some new editing software and I'm gonna spend some time learning it so I can make one more HYPE HYPE HYPE video for 2013. I have a few concepts in mind and I only think I'll have time to fully explore one of them before the start of the season (moving to California next week :[ :[ fuggg).

I have included my current ideas in the poll below.

Vote for your fave or submit an idea in the comments.