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Northwestern football this week in tweets

Twitter is where I go to learn everything that's relevant to my life. Let's check in to see what people are tweeting about Northwestern football.


You guys, have you discovered Twitter yet? It's where all the cool kids hang out, to discuss world affairs and post self-shots in various stages of undress.

Myself, I do not venture into Twitterland too often. I like to kick it old school, stapling my comic stylings on the bulletin board in the office break room, where I can tell they've gone viral if I get a call from HR or building management.

But from time to time, to keep up with the popular crowd, I go check out the tweets, and sometimes, I even learn a thing or two. So, for this here blog, I have compiled a few top tweets from around the Twitterverse relating to Northwestern and Wildcat football this week that are interesting. And away we go--

1) Someone with an iPhone try this out and let us know in the comments if this is true. Because if it is, [laugh out loud].

2) A very bold, if apologetic, assertion here.

This bears some additional research. Here's the IU football ad for this season.

As you can see, it's very professionally produced, in the style of Friday Night Lights. Gets you very pumped up for some Hoosier football.

But at the end of the day, it's not even close. Nothing can compete with this timeless Northwestern ad that demonstrates exactly what our football program is all about. Sorry @rooshthegoose.

3) Apparently the new Fox Sports 1 network has a reporter named Ryan Field. In a strange coincidence, he used to be named Dyche Stadium, but changed his name after the Ryan family gave him millions of dollars for a makeover.

4) Finding love is hard in this day and age. I believe this tweet is in reference to some other school named Northwestern, perhaps a high school, but I think we can all commiserate with the sentiment. We've all been there, right?

5) What is Twitter for, if not to make rhetorical observations about the irony of life?

6) And finally, maybe things have changed since my day, but no college guide was touting this about Northwestern when I was looking at schools. Or maybe this is some kind of twisted, back-handed compliment about Northwestern's academics.

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