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Thursday Sips, ft. Venric Mark (obviously) and Rashad Lawrence's dancing

guys there's like nine days until the season and my face is gonna fall off

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Let's do the links y'all. Let's do them links. Let's do the links y'all. Let's do some links. Unnghh ungh it's links tiiiime yeah let's do the links. If you don't hear the song in my head this isn't working for you.

How many times will I write "Mark it down" this year seriously: Awesome story from Rittenblog on Venric Mark's background as a boxer (or at least doing boxing workouts.)

Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter will join Mark on the speed bag and jokes that his backfield mate is an "ultra featherweight," to which a grinning Mark replied, "Kain does not know boxing. I would actually beat Kain up."

It also mentions that Fitz thinks he is stupid for not putting Mark at running back earlier. Ehh, I'll take two years of this Venric.

Incidentally, B1G blog also ranked Venric Mark No. 5 amongst Big Ten players. Get it? That's his number.

STOP MAKING SO MANY GOOD VIDEOS DAMMIT: Another banger from NU Sports, starring Rashad Lawrence dancing and walk-on Sam Tom Hruby discussing how his role with the team is watermelon consumption:

No, but, seriously, Rashad Lawrence dancing: Dwgfk730100__1_

REVERSE REVERSE: Northwestern played a prank on their coaches:

The best part, tho, are the comments on the Instagram page about how if this play was secret, they shouldn't have posted it. Other fun vids: Northwestern had their annual Marines beach training day:Godwin Igwebuike is SCARY:AHHHH DON'T KILL ME IN MY SLEEP GODWIN PLS I CAN GET YOU A NAPKIN TO WIPE THE SAND OUT OF YOUR HAIR JUST DON'T TEAR MY LIMBS APART

Wolka Flocka Flame: From a few days ago, but Dan Wolken stopped at NU camp and wrote about why Pat Fitzgerald eliminated two-a-days and how Northwestern recruits quarterbacks.

You down with BTP? Big Ten Powerhouse compares all Big Ten basketball teams to English Premier League squads,and finds that, because you need to win a lower league to be in the Premiership, there's no real comparable for Northwestern, since everybody has won SOMETHING. (Sunderland does fit pretty well.)

THE PURDUE VIDEO SAGA: So, you probably saw this, but Purdue made the worst "hey our school is great!" video of all time. No, like, even worse than that. Worse. Worse. Just worse. So bad, the video has been taken down and Purdue's lawyers are making sure it doesn't get put back up again.

This is where SB Nation truly shined. EDSBS started by discussing school rap songs, then providing appropriate football-coach-hype-rap lyrics. Hammer and Rails broke down all the appalled responses, then broke down the video itself, which apparently isn't even that factually accurate?

But the winner of the day was BHGP, with Kirk Ferentz's "Good Kid, B.1.1.G City" response in the manner of Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse, and, well, if that sentence meant anything to you -- or if it didn't -- GO READ THE DAMN POST.

More Fitz 2.0: In which he discusses how Northwestern was really his only American choice, how he has a longtime GF back in England -- sorry, girls, find another kid with an accent -- and more Sbarro's. Fun read. Oh, he's also the world's top amateur for 2013! v. cool to have the No. 1 amateur player in a given sport playing amateur sports for your amateur sports team.

B1G Snoop: Snoop Dogg either did or did not recruit Silas Redd, but either way here is a list of B1G coaches by how likely they are to know who Snoop Dogg is, which should once again reignite the discussion of whether or not he is a Northwestern fan or Illinois fan.

St. Louis' Big Ten Team:

Meanwhile, The Champaign Room's (very reasonable) take on Northwestern's tarp.

They're here: I'm not a season-ticket guy since I live, you know, in New York, but:

More from Sippin' On Purple: